My daughter Kyla has incontinence, and one of the most challenging times is middle of the night bedwetting.  This just happened to us last night, so I am inspired to share how easy this has become for us.

waterproof sheet - Incontinence Clothes, Special Needs Bodysuit - Preventa Wear

Kyla wears an overnight diaper, but for some reason sometimes she still leaks through.  Maybe it is not on quite right, or maybe she has extra beverages that evening before.  Last night at 4am she came to my room to get me, and she was completely soaked in urine.  We went straight to the bathroom and I cleaned her up.  The very cool part about this story was, I went to her bed and instead of having to change all of her bedding and then have to wash it in the morning, I simply just sprayed and washed her incontinence sheet, and she got to go right back got bed, and so did I!  So much easier!  These sheets have changed our lives, and saved me so much work in the laundry room.

Check out this YouTube video about them…