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We are proud to introduce KylApparel Suits.  We have searched High and Low and have found the perfect Fabric that WILL NOT TEAR!  These Anti Strip Jumpsuits are Sensory Friendly, hug the body perfectly with no measurements needed.  Unisex Male and Female, Child to Adult Sizes


We are proud to introduce KylApparel Suits.  We have searched High and Low and have found the perfect Fabric that WILL NOT TEAR!  These Anti Strip Jumpsuits are Sensory Friendly, and hug the body perfectly with no measurements needed.  The Material is Anti Microbial, which prevents odor and growth of bacteria, fungi, and mold on the fabric.  This is a quick dry fabric.

Our beautiful inspiration Kyla used to dig in her diaper, and strip down nude any chance she got…especially when there was new people around.  So I as a determined, strategic mom created a way to stop these impulsive, unsanitary, unsafe behaviors.  Finally I have designed KylApparel – A sensory friendly special needs bodysuit that does it all!  This fabric has been tested by the BIGGEST MUSCLES and the ones who have Houdini Abilities and Super Powers!  There is no getting out of these.  The Durable fabric is encased with reinforcing material around the Neck, Arms, and Legs, preventing access to diapers and preventing disrobing.  All of these Anti strip bodysuits come with our SafeGaurd Buckle installed at the top.

Sizing is simple, order what size you would wear in a Child Or Adult T Shirt.  These No Tear Jumpsuits zip in the back and come just below the knee with extra reinforcement, and can be worn under ANY Outfit or wear alone.


Check out Gabe wearing a Kylapparel during his bedtime routine!  We are so glad it helps…Thank you for sharing!!!


Additional information

Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 7 × 10 × 4 in

Adult XL, Adult Large, Adult Medium, Adult Small, Child Large, Child Medium, Child Small


Electric Blue, Seafoam, Super Power Green, Black, White

9 reviews for KylApparel – New improved Sensory Friendly No Tear Suits!

  1. Amy Cox

    We purchased a new KylApparel Sensory Friendly No Tear Suit for our adult son who is non-verbal, incontinent, and on the autistic spectrum. The fabric is soft and comfy on his skin, and so far its been great for preventing digging and repositioning of his diaper! We’ve used it as pajamas, along with a pair of men’s PJ bottoms, and under clothing during the day. Thanks for making products like this available. We’ll be buying more.


    this is the best. yeah!!!!

  3. Kevin

    The KylApparel suit is the best of soft and strong. The material the suit is made from is warm without being too hot. The little bit of stretch the material has is awesome. The neck, arms and legs are reinforced with a very strong material. This allows the suit as a whole to stretch some without compromising security the suit provides. Because the suit is a snugger fit it is completely unnoticeable when worn under clothing. Slightly longer legs are an added bonus on this model. The only minor detail I might adjust a little is to lower the neck line just a little bit so it was not so noticeable when worn under light colored t-shirts. Overall this is above and beyond the best and most comfortable design I’ve seen.

  4. Christopher

    Our son Christopher is 12 y/o & very aggressive, he’s 90 lbs. He loves to undress & poo smear. The outfits are very good!

  5. Charles Hillery

    We’d almost given up hope of finding something that our daughter cannot rip or tear. I swear we’d tried heavy cloths, extra stitching, just about everything. She’s only 8 years old, but every morning we’d find her with her sleepers reduced to a pile of rags, not to mention the other mess to clean up. Ours is a very strong and determined child. Tearing clothing is nothing for her. We tried some jumpsuits that were as thick as towels and they lasted one night each. The only other night clothes that we could find are very tight and are “footie” pajama’s. We were just at the point of trying to figure out how to get an air conditioner into her room to make it cool enough for her to wear them in the summer. This would be a major issue because she enjoys shoving those out of the window or, in the case of floor units, hitting them against the wall or floor until they dent to the point of not operating any longer. Then we found your sensory friendly no tear suits. I admit, I was skeptical, especially when I saw how thin the material was and how soft. I was certain we’d wake up to another naked child adventure and had my gloves and disinfectant ready. I was thrilled to find her still dressed and no mess! My only disappointment is that I only bought two. I’ll be getting a few more as soon as we can. THANK YOU, SO MUCH!!

  6. Michael Duncan

    My adult son loves this. Other days he would be naked and have a mess to clean. We got tgem in yesterday this morning he was still dress and sleeping. I will be buying more later.

  7. Jonathan Brown

    Great product and excellent quality and service

  8. Mike Kunkel

    Yes! Yes! Let me tell you, this family has finally come up with an outfit that my Houdini-trained master escape artist CAN NOT (knock on wood) get out of! My daughter is 11 now and is non-verbal and autistic and hasn’t yet mastered basic toiletry skills, so she’s still in diapers. It became a nightmare when she figured out how to get past her onesies and we had several code-red nights which are not fun to clean up after. We tried every other product we could find on Amazon, we cut off the feet of her footie zip-up pajamas and put them on her backwards, we even purchased other outfits from the UK which were supposed to prevent children with autism from undressing and getting into their diapers, but none of them worked. She was always able to either stretch the neck material enough to be able to slide them off, or squeeze through a leg or arm, or simply tear them off because the material was just too flimsy. Then we discovered Preventa Wear and were encouraged to try the Kyle Wear product. We were very skeptical because of our previous experiences, but were willing to give it one more try. When we received our first outfit, the fit was nearly perfect. The fabric is soft and stretchable throughout, but what makes the difference here are the seams on the neck, arms, and legs. They do not stretch and will not tear AND they passed the ultimate test for us. She was NOT able to get out of these nor was she able to get into her diaper. Finally….finally…we have been able to get a good night’s sleep without having to worry about another code-red situation! Thank you so much Preventa Wear! Please do not sell-out to another company or go away. You have a product here that is definitely invaluable to so many families. We’ve had ours for several months now and they are still going strong. I wanted to wait on posting a review until we really gave them a thorough testing. For us, they are definitely worth every penny. We will definitely be purchasing from you again!

  9. Nick Hughes

    We bought this for our son who is 4 years old and has severe autism. He is not potty trained and he would refuse to wear his pull up. The few times we managed to get one on him, he would tear the sides and rip it off. This resulted in him going to the bathroom on the floor and the constant clean up and shampooing the carpets 7 nights a week was wearing us down. We did research online, desperate for a solution, and found preventa-wear! We were unsure if the suit would work, but had no other options so we bought it instantly. We had to trick him to put it on the first time, but since then he has accepted wearing it and we haven’t had any more issues! Definitely money well spent. We will be buying another to have as a spare amd definitely buying again as he gets bigger!

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