Incontinence and Medical Conditions

Incontinence and Medical Conditions

What causes incontinence?

There are many medical conditions that cause incontinence. Some can be an accident that can create lack of bladder control. I’ve had conversations with construction men that have had to wear Adult Diapers because of an accident they had. Of course, they were self conscious because they had to climb ladders or bend over and feared someone would see their incontinence brief.

Aging can cause incontinence and loss of bladder and bowel control too. My mom needs to RUN to the bathroom sometimes and almost doesn’t make it because of her age, Chrones Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The urgency is so inconvenient for her. She wears incontinence pads at all times. This really runs her schedule!

Also conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s can cause incontinence and behaviors such as disrobing clothing because of confusion. They may think they’re in the bathroom but they’re not. These conditions also cause lack of bladder and bowel control and behaviors such as digging in diaper or fecal smearing.

Conditions that cause Developmental and Cognitive Delays are also associated with incontinence and behaviors listed above.!

Also, pregnancy, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Downs Syndrome, etc.

If you’re experiencing incontinence or caring for a loved one who has incontinence, you’re not alone! There are millions of people in the US that are going through the same things.

My daughter has autism and epilepsy and has never been able to be potty trained. She wears adult diapers.

We’re always trying to figure out the best strategies and solutions to make this the easiest it can be. Our clothing line has really helped in so many ways keeping her incontinence discreet and preventing behaviors. Preventing leaks and protecting seats too! We’re always brainstorming and meeting people with products and solutions that can help.

Check out some of our Products. And stay tuned for more amazing ideas to outsmart this pesky incontinence!

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