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Special Needs Bodysuit

Great and comfortable anti stripping suit.

The perfect addition to a wardrobe of an inappropriate un-dresser. (Diaper if needed) Put on in the morning, then normal t-shirt / shirt / pants, etc., and no one else knows anything about it. Just help in the family rest-room with shirt/undershirt, unzip and pull down to below waist. When finished, zip up, get re-dressed and continue on. Comfortable, inescapable (with out help) for the rest of the day, and after wearing a few weeks, no complaints.
~ Chester

Colored Onesies – Tank, Short, and Long Sleeve

Great product

Very comfortable and keeps everything hidden.
~ LP   .

Kids Anti Strip Bodysuit ** Strongest Ultimate Protection**

Thank you

Great sturdy product. The buckle is extremely beneficial. Very quick responses and fast shipping! Great customer care.Thank you.
~ Carrie P.

Colored Adult Onesies – Tank, Short, and Long Sleeve

Best Onesies ever!

I really like all the ones I ordered this time. The fabric is lighter and we really like the sleeveless because she can’t control her body heat so well and loves wearing sweaters over them. Thank you for the best quality!
~ Theresa S.

Special Needs Short Style Bodysuit
After seeing the video of Kyla wearing this, I decided to order one for myself. I’m not a special-needs person, but I do like to keep my diaper firmly in place and out of sight. This body suit is so comfortable I almost forget I’m wearing it. It is especially comfortable when worn as pyjamas, as it is light-weight.
~ Adrian M.

Adult Special Needs Short Style Bodysuit
SLEEPs well now
my bf used to get up out of bed every 2 hours to use the bathroom,neither one of us rested good.i started putting him in a anti strip jumpsuit with a overnight disposable diaper.the diaper is required since he can’t undo the suit to use the bathroom.but we both rest good now.only three weeks and he sleeps all through the night and don’t wake up until the next morning.we feel rested everyday.even though he wears a diaper under it he says it is comfortable,so i started him wearing it in the day time under his clothes with a diaper JUST IN CASE
~ Shane K.

Onesie Packs – Discounted Pricing! Moderate Protection
It has been awhile since i orderd an adult onsie, becuase the material holds up great. I have a long sleeve, short sleeves and tanks. I just orderd a new tank and its amazing. The snaps come up a little higher in the front for an easier snap when getting dressed. It is a great improvment to this product…
~ Matt M.

Male Special Needs Swim Suit
Great suit!!
Bought this for my special needs son who insists on taking his clothes off in front of everyone when he swims. Now he can’t do that, the suit makes it harder with a zipper in the back!! Very happy with this company and I would buy from them again!!
~ Tara R. 

Adult Special Needs Bodysuit
This is exactly what I have been looking for.
Normally a t-shirt and shorts would be my normal bedtime apparel, but now I am wearing this bodysuit and diapers.
I toss and turn in my sleep which causes me to strip out of my clothing during the night. I now wear it nightly and it is very comfortable to wear, even with diapers on.
I now wake up with the bodysuit and diaper securely on!
I have used the bodysuit for several of weeks now, and have ordered a second and a third one, and I will be ordering more soon!
~ Steve S.

Special Needs Short Style Bodysuit

As always — exceptional

We upgraded our 16 year old with Downs’ from a youth Large to an adult Small. Gives her a little extra length in the body. Very comfortable for her to wear.
~ Angela P.

Child Special Needs Onesies

Great Deal

Loved these onesies. Was a terrific price and even better quality!! So pleased with the purchase!!

~ Marilu D. 

Onesie Packs – Discounted Pricing! Moderate Protection
Youth Onesies
Purchased these onesies for my grandson who is almost 7 years old. GREAT fit and very soft material. Perfect for what we needed.
~ Marilu D. 

Child Special Needs Bodysuit
Best Money Ever Spent!
We were having issues with our daughter with Down Syndrome undressing in public places (school mostly.) What a great find!! We wish we had found the Kryptonite body suit sooner. It is so comfortable for our daughter to wear she doesn’t want to take it off at night. Our only problem is laundry …. keeping the 3 suits we have in a good rotation. Make sure to buy multiples. You will not be disappointed!!!
~ Angela P 

Adult Special Needs Short Style Bodysuit
Adult Kryptonite Bodysuit
I ordered this bodysuit for my 80 year old mother in law with a brain injury. We were having issues with her wanting to put her hands in the diaper area. The suit has corrected this problem and our caregiver could not be happier! I just ordered more. The product seems to be of good quality and was delivered promptly. The other ones seen online, snap between the legs, but she could undo the snap. Could not be happier.
~ Brenda M.

Child Short Style Special Needs Bodysuit

Peace of Mind

I can’t tell you how wonderful these little suits are! They give me peace of mind at home and they are so soft my son doesn’t even know its on. Thank you! Now I can take stripping off my list of worries 
~ Stephanie A.