Collection: Anti Tear Body Suits

Bodysuit Ultimate Protection for Special Needs Individuals

At PreventaWear provides a selection of Special Needs Bodysuits that give the best protection for those with special needs. Our bodysuits are constructed from soft, breathable fabrics that provide the greatest level of comfort and protection while limiting sensory stimulation. We aim to develop products that meet the specific demands of people with special needs since we are aware of these needs. Our sensory-friendly anti-strip bodysuits are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit various needs, and our commitment to quality ensures that our customers receive a product that they can trust.

Sensory Friendly Special Needs Anti Strip Clothing

Our Sensory-Friendly Special Needs Anti Strip Clothing provide a tight fit that reduces the probability that the wearer may take off their clothes. The suits also include snap closures that are simple to open and closed which makes them useful for caregivers and people who have trouble using their fine motor skills.

Anti Strip Clothing for Autism

We at PreventaWear are aware of the specific demands of people with special needs. Our Anti Strip Clothing for Autism are made to protect and relax those who may have trouble wearing regular clothing. Our suits come in a variety of sizes and designs to meet various needs.

Special Needs Awareness Buttons

PreventaWear is dedicated to promoting awareness of people with disabilities. Our anti-tear bodysuits have Special Needs Awareness Buttons that promote awareness of the specific wants of people with special needs. To help share the message of accessibility and understanding, we provide a variety of buttons with different messages.