Non Verbal Solutions by Preventa Wear

Non Verbal Solutions by Preventa Wear

How hard must it be to be non verbal?  What if you were craving a peanut butter cookie really bad and you could never ask for one?

What if you slept wrong and your neck hurst so bad but you can’t say you need help with it?

What if you want to go somewhere really bad like Disneyland or outside or to the park or to McDonald’s and you can’t verbalize it to ask?  And you always have to go wherever someone takes you?

I can imagine how frustrating that might be….

And as parents and caregivers it is hard on our end too.  When Kyla is sick or in pain I wish she could tell me what’s wrong, and my heart breaks as I try to figure it out..

We recently had an experience where we were out at a restaurant and Kyla was walking that day – we passed by a table and she took someone’s soda off of their table on the way by lol! She is so cute that the people were really confused.  I didn’t know what to do, except to apologize, explain, and give it back?!  Buy them a new soda for sure!

We have tried many different non verbal communication devices, but Kyla is just not yet cognitively able…yet.🙂

Awareness Buttons
Autism Non Verbal Awareness Buttons by Preventa Wear

I have created these customizable Awareness buttons to help our non verbal loved ones communicate in a small way, which could be huge in situations like that.  Also the fear of her getting lost or if something happens to me – I have created customizable special needs awareness buttons that say caregivers and parents name and phone number which can be attached to hats, jackets, book bags, just about anything!  Maybe in some way it could give us sense of security knowing there is a small piece of visible communication attached to our loved ones.

check them out here

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