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Preventa Wear

Anti Strip Bodysuit Ultimate Protection

Anti Strip Bodysuit Ultimate Protection

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These special measurements will help us customize the body suit to the best possible fit. Please do not leave any fields blank your order will not go into the shopping cart. If measurement is unknown please type in NA.

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 This incontinence clothing line special needs bodysuit is made for those who aggressively tear away their clothes. PreventaWear™ Titanium bodysuit is considered a Special needs anti strip clothing jumpsuit, but the snug fit can be worn under anything!  Adaptive clothing at its toughest - not as sensory friendly clothing, is a little heavier, but will not tear and does the job.

Measurements are highly recommended on these suits.  They are custom made to fit each individual and when they fit right they work at their best!  Since they are custom made we cannot accept returns for refunds on these items, but if something does not fit right we are happy to work with you to alter them to fit.  If you have any questions in measuring please email us at  

Add on of Special needs anti strip clothing protection features are:

  • Standard Buckle, small comfortable side release buckle in center of shoulder blades.
  • Safegaurd Buckle, small side release buckle with switch in the center moved one direction – it will not release, moved the other direction – allows it to release.

For sizing and measuring please refer to the size guide.

For Torso Length measure from the top of either shoulder where the seam would meet, diagonal down the front of the body to the crotch area where the seam would meet. 

For the Waist measure all the way around the largest part of the waist 

For the Leg Above Knee measure all the way around the leg about 2 inches up from the top of the knee.


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